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Why should I hire your firm?

We represent only crime victims, not criminal defendants. When you are looking for an attorney to help you seek justice from your abuser and others responsible for the harm done to you, ask prospective attorneys whether their practice also includes criminal defense. Ours does not, because our commitment and loyalty is to victims.

I was sexually abused many years ago when I was a child. Can I still bring a lawsuit?

Maybe. Oregonís statute of limitations for child abuse is as follows:

ORS 12.117 - As Amended in 2009
Washington's statute of limitations for child abuse is found in RCW 4.16.340, and provides as follows:
RCW 4.16.340
If you are uncertain as to whether the facts of your particular situation leave you with a viable claim against your abuser or a responsible third party, call us for a free consultation.

What if the person who abused me is now dead Ė can I still file a lawsuit?

Maybe. It is possible in some circumstances to file a suit against the estate of a deceased abuser. Additionally, if the abuser was working for an organization when he or she committed the abuse, it is often possible to sue that organization.

I was abused by a relative when I was a child. Can I sue a relative?

Yes, as long as the statute of limitations has not expired. Nothing in Oregon or Washington law prevents a family member from suing another family member for sexual or physical abuse.

I read an article in the newspaper about someone who sued the same person who abused me. Can I sue the abuser too?

Maybe. It depends upon whether the facts of your claim against the abuser bring your claim within the statute of limitations. It is common for an abuser to have harmed many different people, and many of our clients were abused by the same perpetrator.

I donít have much money. Can I still hire an attorney to represent me in a suit against my abuser?

Like many attorneys, we often accept clients on a contingency fee basis, which means that we only collect a fee if the case is settled or won. However, the client will remain liable for the costs of litigating the case regardless of whether the case is won or lost. Although the rules of ethics for attorneys often allow an attorney to advance a client the costs of litigating a case if the client is unable to afford the costs him or herself, the client may be ultimately responsible for paying the costs, depending on ability to pay. Costs of litigating a case include filing fees, fees for service of process, deposition costs, discovery costs, witness fees, and other costs associated with bringing a lawsuit. Fees are the attorneyís compensation for assisting the client. We give our clients the option of paying hourly, but most clients choose contingent fee representation. We do not charge for initial consultations.

More information about attorney fees in Oregon cases can be found on the Oregon State Barís website by clicking on the following: OSB Legal Info Ė Fees

Information about attorney fees in personal injury cases brought in Washington can be found by clicking on the following: Damages and Contingency Fees

I donít want anyone knowing that my priest/father/therapist/caregiver/acquaintance sexually abused me. Do I have to use my name when I file a lawsuit?

Maybe not. Most courts permit lawsuits to be filed using pseudonyms or initials. However, if a defendant demands it, some courts will require a plaintiff (the one who files the lawsuit) to use his or her full name.

What if you canít help me? Can you recommend someone who can?

If our caseload or a conflict of interest prevents us from assisting you and we believe your case is meritorious, we will refer you to another attorney we think might be able to help you. Because we neither accept referral fees from other attorneys for cases referred to them nor pay them to other attorneys for cases referred to us, our recommendation will be based solely on whether we believe a particular attorney may be able to assist you, and not on whether that attorney will give us some portion of their fee from your case just for referring you to them.