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Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is illegal, even when it involves a priest, pastor, parent, uncle, sibling, or health care providers. If you were abused by someone you trusted, we can help you to hold your abuser accountable.

The emotional scars left by this abuse never heal, but it may not be too late to take back the power that was taken from you.

We have successfully represented dozens of victims of clergy sexual abuse, intra-familial sexual abuse, and abuse by adults in positions of trust such as probation officers and counselors. Much of our work in this area is focused on the accountability of institutions for the sexual abuse of minors, examples of which are reported in the articles in the links below:

For those of our clients who do not want media attention, we do our best to avoid it.

We have also handled cases on appeal that concern child sexual abuse. An example of those cases can be found here:

We sometimes assist other victims by writing amicus ("friend-of-the-court") briefs to advocate for the accountability they seek;

If you were abused as a child and want legal representation, call us for a free consultation.

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Physical and Sexual Abuse of the Elderly and Vulnerable

As the baby-boomers age, physical and sexual abuse of the elderly is a growing problem. It is just as important to protect the elderly and vulnerable from abuse as it is to protect children from abuse.

Our representation of these elderly and vulnerable victims often includes assisting families in protecting their elderly loved ones. Here are some articles that show how a quest for justice can lead to legislative changes:

There are times that representation of the elderly and vulnerable also includes pursuing claims against nursing homes, adult foster care facilities, and other long-term care facilities. We have successfully represented several victims in cases against these types of facilities.

Unfortunately, sometimes abuse or neglect leads to death.  We have successfully litigated cases in which sexual abuse or failure to provide adequate mental health care has resulted in death.  These are challenging, heart-wrenching cases, but sometimes the only justice to be had is civil justice.

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Financial Exploitation of the Elderly and the Vulnerable

Family members, acquaintances, and caregivers who take advantage of the elderly and the vulnerable for their own financial gain are reprehensible. We are passionate about helping elderly and vulnerable victims of financial exploitation recover their money and their dignity. Some of the work we have done has been covered by the media, and it can be seen here:

Our cases have been cited by legislators seeking to change laws to help protect people from financial scams, such as HB 3630 (2008), which targeted foreclosure rescue scams perpetrated against homeowners facing foreclosure:

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Civil Rights Violations Involving Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Neglect

When the government or a government employee violates the civil rights of a person through abuse, neglect, or deliberate indifference to abuse or neglect, we can help. We have successfully represented several people whose civil rights have been violated through sexual assault, sexual abuse, and through the deliberate indifference to psychiatric needs of those who are entrusted to their care.

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Representation of Crime Victims in Criminal Cases

In Oregon, crime victims have constitutional and statutory rights to meaningfully participate in the criminal prosecution of their offenders.  Sometimes the prosecutor cannot effectively protect and enforce a victim's rights.  Other times, the victim may feel the prosecutor is ignoring their rights as a crime victim.
If you do not feel your interests are being adequately represented as a victim in a criminal case, we can help. We have been advocating for crime victims in criminal cases for many years, and some of our work can be seen here:

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Defense of SLAPP Suits

Sometimes an abuser tries to intimidate his victim into silence by filing a civil lawsuit against him or her. We have successfully used Oregon's anti-SLAPP laws to obtain early dismissal of these lawsuits. ("SLAPP" stands for "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, and Oregon's anti-SLAPP laws are found in ORS 31.150 et seq.). In one case, we obtained not only an award of attorney fees to our client, but also an enhanced prevailing party fee due to the abuser's egregious misuse of the civil justice system.

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